Full Meaning of some ICT Terms

Abbreviations A.M. — Ante meridian P.M. — Post meridian B. A. — Bachelor of Arts M. A. — Master of Arts B. Sc. — Bachelor of Science M. Sc. — Master of Science B. Sc. Ag. — Bachelor of Science in Agriculture M. Sc. Ag. — Master of Science in Agriculture M. B. B. S.… Read More »

Effective Membership Management on WordPress

Few people out there see WordPress as just a blog CMS. Well! It is right, but WordPress is seriously more than that. With many plugins out there I can say wordpress can be used to build any form of website. WordPress has to my opinion average inbuilt membership management tools as compared to Joomla, but… Read More »

PHP functions for all types of Redirect

As I mentioned in my previous post The best practices of HTTP Redirect, here are the possible PHP functions that help manage redirects for you from any point on your page. A function for simple redirect that works from anywhere on your page: As I discussed on the previous article, header(‘location: …’) and http_redirect method… Read More »

The best practices of HTTP Redirect

The best practices of HTTP Redirect Redirect OR http redirect simply means taking your users or website visitors to another page or URL different from the one visited or sent to the server. One may need to redirect if: The page is no more available and a new page is used to replace the old… Read More »

A Complete PHP Download File

Here is a complete PHP download file as discussed on a previous article How to prevent file download and allow with PHP. Just copy this script and save to your project and start your downloading.  A Complete PHP Download file

File source from Media Division Thanks to Armand Niculescu

How to prevent file download and allow with PHP

How to prevent file download and allow with PHP – Explained Here is how to prevent file download and allow with PHP. Developers have quite many reasons to prevent public download access to certain files. This could be probably because the files are set to be viewed or downloaded by certain users, the files are… Read More »


Welcome to ICT Giants. This is where is specially made for developers to rob minds, that is to share ideas, ask questions, write blog posts and learn the everyday new thing in web development. You can browse our blog posts on all areas of programming through the different categories and tags Also you can browse… Read More »