10 Plugins to Kick-Start your WordPress site

By | May 9, 2015

WordPress is a great CMS which is more useful than just helping you to build your blog. However almost every CMS is with little or no strength when newly installed until some Function – Specific scripts which are called Plugins are installed.

We are going to look at a list of basic 10 plugins to kick-start your wordpress site.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is a powerful if not the best SEO plugin out there for your WordPress website. It has pack of great functions and it is easily managed.

The thing I like the most about Yoast’s SEO plugin is that it analyzes your article and makes suggestions based on what you’ve done. It’s handy to have this reminder, letting you know that you’ve forgotten something important, such as using your keyword in a heading, etc. Yoast’s plugin gives you an overall score, depending on how many points you’ve hit properly.

2. Configure SMTP

Every successful WordPress website will want to at some points send emails. The default wordpress e-mail function uses the php mail() function which is not effective enough at some points to deliver emails straight to your users inbox. Not touching this aspect of your wordpress website results in your emails landing in spam folder or at times not delivered at all.

Configure SMTP helps you to use SMTP server for your email, and it is very effective in delivering your emails in the inbox folder.

3. Contact Form 7

This is an awesome contact form plugin that enables you to build contact forms for your wordpress websites so easily. A default contact form page is automatically created when you install this. So if you do not need special customizations, all you need to do is just install and activate this plugin to have a standard contact form on your website.

4. Contact Form 7 MailChimp Extension

This plugin adds Mailchimp integration to your Contact Form 7 Forms.

After installing Contact Form 7, You can edit any form you want and integrate it with a Mailchimp mailing list.

5. Contact Form DB

You may not always want visitors to send you an email when filling out a contact form on your website. Sometimes, you need to collect this information so that you can compile it into a spreadsheet for later. There are many uses for collecting information via forms, and Contact Form DB will allow you to save form submissions on your WordPress database. Then, if you need to organize this information, you can export the data as a CSV file. This will allow you to open it in Microsoft Excel. This plugin not only works with Contact Form 7, but it also works with Fast Secure Contact Form, Gravity Forms, and Jetpack Contact Form plugins.

6. Image Optimization – WP Smush.it

While images are an essential part of any blog post, large file sizes can slow down your page loading times. This can have a negative effect on the user experience, while also hindering your attempts to get traffic from search engines.

WP Smush.it is a free image optimization plugin that aims to eliminate the negative effects unoptimized images can have on your blog.

After installation, each new image – whether it’s a photo, screenshot, or other graphic that is uploaded to your site – will now be run through the Yahoo Smush.it service. This reduces the image’s file size, without changing its appearance or visual quality.

The image optimization takes place in the background without any extra effort on your part and is a great way to increase page loading times on your website. Existing images on your site can also be optimized with WP Smush.it at the click of a button.

7. Simplified Social Sharing

The plugin Simplified Social Sharing by Loginradius is a free social sharing wordpress plugin that is very easy to use and light weight with great set of functions and almost all of the social networks out there. It also integrates with post lists in archives or categories, so your users can share individual posts directly from a posts list.

 8. Post Hit Counter

For you to run a successful wordpress website it is essential to know the performance of your posts. Post Hit Counter helps to know the number of Hits to your posts and also comes with a widget to display the popular posts list on your website.

9. Gallery by Supsystic

Almost all wordpress driven websites will at some point need to display a set of images. Gallery by Supsystic makes it easy to create and manage galleries in wordpress. I comes with customizable functions and effects and it is easy to set up and use in your posts.

It also adds a button to your post editor to insert a gallery item directly without necessarily copying the short-code of your galleries

10. Clean Login

In case you want to support user login on your website, have membership plans or build a profile based comment system or forum, you will need to manage your membership login, registration, profile editing and password recovery.

This plugins handles it for you.

It has shortcodes to create different four pages:

  • Login – A form to simply enable users to login to your website
  • Register – A registration page that enables a new user to register and choose their passwords themselves and pass through a CAPTCHA test for authentication
  • Edit Profile – A simple profile editing page that also includes users changing their passwords. Also with CAPTCHA.
  • Lost Paswword? – A “get your password back form”

This plugin is awesome in the sense that it automatically detects the pages you have used the shortcodes and automatically provides to the links from related pages. That is for example, if you have pasted a shortcode of your registration form on a page, then the “Register” button on your login form will automatically point to this and so on.

It also has features that enable you to hide the default admin bar from all users, disable dashboard access from non admin users, etc.

In case you want to build a real membership website, take a look at this article Effective Membership Management on WordPress

Do you know other plugins or want to say something about these plugins, please feel free to comment it below.


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