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Adding Facebook Login with PHP

Facebook is what I call the largest nation in the world as almost everybody now has an account on facebook. Adding facebook login to your website provides your users with a fast, easy and secure way of loggin in and signing up. Creating a Facebook login system is really easy to create and doesn’t take… Read More »

Google Cloud Messaging GCM: Push Service

Google Cloud Messaging GCM: Push Service Today’s internet technology is still strongly challenged by the thought of how to push data from the server to a client or a user instead of pulling data from the server, which involves constantly polling the server to detect changes and then pull the data changes. Many articles have… Read More »

How to create captcha image with php

Implementing captcha image with php into your project is very simple to ensure maximum security. I am going to take us through the basic steps you need to take to fully implement image captcha in your website. How to create captcha image with php Steps in a nutshell: Generate random string of a desired length… Read More »

How to create images with PHP GD Library

There are some points in development that you want to generate and edit images to be viewed probably on a web page. You could edit an image and put content on it with either PhotoShop or other photo editing software, but that is only when you have limited and pre-known content to put on the… Read More »

Full Meaning of some ICT Terms

Abbreviations A.M. — Ante meridian P.M. — Post meridian B. A. — Bachelor of Arts M. A. — Master of Arts B. Sc. — Bachelor of Science M. Sc. — Master of Science B. Sc. Ag. — Bachelor of Science in Agriculture M. Sc. Ag. — Master of Science in Agriculture M. B. B. S.… Read More »

Effective Membership Management on WordPress

Few people out there see WordPress as just a blog CMS. Well! It is right, but WordPress is seriously more than that. With many plugins out there I can say wordpress can be used to build any form of website. WordPress has to my opinion average inbuilt membership management tools as compared to Joomla, but… Read More »