Adding Facebook Login with PHP

Facebook is what I call the largest nation in the world as almost everybody now has an account on facebook. Adding facebook login to your website provides your users with a fast, easy and secure way of loggin in and signing up. Creating a Facebook login system is really easy to create and doesn’t take… Read More »

Google Cloud Messaging GCM: Push Service

Google Cloud Messaging GCM: Push Service Today’s internet technology is still strongly challenged by the thought of how to push data from the server to a client or a user instead of pulling data from the server, which involves constantly polling the server to detect changes and then pull the data changes. Many articles have… Read More »

Picture of the day: Tiger cloth removed

Tiger cloth removed Here is another picture that makes the picture of the day for developers. Today 11th May, 2015. Picture source: Teaches how much extent you can go in creativity in photo editing. Tiger cloth was removed and hanged on a line with clips. Lol… Comment below or submit a picture for the… Read More »

How to create captcha image with php

Implementing captcha image with php into your project is very simple to ensure maximum security. I am going to take us through the basic steps you need to take to fully implement image captcha in your website. How to create captcha image with php Steps in a nutshell: Generate random string of a desired length… Read More »

How to create images with PHP GD Library

There are some points in development that you want to generate and edit images to be viewed probably on a web page. You could edit an image and put content on it with either PhotoShop or other photo editing software, but that is only when you have limited and pre-known content to put on the… Read More »

10 Plugins to Kick-Start your WordPress site

WordPress is a great CMS which is more useful than just helping you to build your blog. However almost every CMS is with little or no strength when newly installed until some Function – Specific scripts which are called Plugins are installed. We are going to look at a list of basic 10 plugins to… Read More »

The principles of Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Here we are going to learn the techniques used to enable Cross-domain resource sharing known as CORS. I thought of this when I wanted to develop my first open source API where I wanted to make using the API as simple as possible for the developers that are going to be using it. I felt… Read More »

Picture of the Day #1

On the Picture of the Day Series on the ICT Giants Developers forum, here is another picture with creativity. Date: 4th April, 2015. Please comment your feelings about this picture below.   Picture description: To show the difference and perspective of the Back-end of development and the Front-end of the design. The back-end of the… Read More »

Microsoft announces Surface 3

Microsoft announced the Surface 3 today, a new edition to its Surface lineup of tablet-hybrids. The Surface 3 is best described as a thinner, smaller, lighter, and less-powerful Surface Pro 3. The Surface 3 also costs less, starting at $499, sports a smaller, 10.8 inch screen, a claimed 10 hours of video playback on a single… Read More »

Microsoft’s Surface 3 Full Specification

Here is a full details of the new Surface 3 and after will be a table presenting the specification and profile of the Surface 3 in a brief. Specification Details Good processor for mobile devices. The Surface 3 runs an Intel (INTC, Tech30) chip designed for high-end tablets called the Atom x7. The advantages to the switch are twofold: full… Read More »